6.5. Occupational Safety

The key principles of Transneft in the sphere of occupational safety are the following:

  • priority of employees’ life and health;
  • personal responsibility of employees for their own safety, the right to suspend the works and their duty to refuse to carry out the work which does not meet safety requirements;
  • involvement of all employees in the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases;
  • leading role of managers at all levels in ensuring safe working conditions;
  • transparency of significant information on occupational safety and health measures.

To comply with these principles, Transneft sets the following goals and objectives:

  • ensuring employees’ occupational safety and safe working conditions in their use of buildings, facilities and equipment, as well as during technological processes;
  • providing employees with personal protective equipment meeting state-of-the-art standards in the field of occupational health;
  • carrying out special assessment of working conditions and assessment of occupational hazard levels;
  • providing employees with mandatory sanitary maintenance and healthcare to meet occupational safety requirements; conducting mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of employees;
  • providing information on occupational safety and workplace environment, on existing health risks and on measures of protection against harmful and hazardous workplace factors;
  • ensuring continuous training in safe methods and techniques of conducting works and testing employees’ knowledge regularly;
  • allocating organisational, material and financial resources to ensure functioning of the occupational health management system and implementation of occupational safety measures;
  • ensuring personal responsibility of managers and employees for compliance with occupational safety requirements.

Transneft has implemented the occupational health management system conforming to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard. Compliance with this standard has been confirmed by an international body for management system certification.