3.5. NCSP Group

For Transneft, NCSP means:
  • a company ensuring the full cycle of oil and petroleum products delivery for loading onto vessels (25% of oil and petroleum products shipped via Russian ports);
  • an efficient investment; a significant contribution to Transneft Group’s performance.
Key facts about NCSP Group
  • 8 companies in three ports of Russia
  • 300 customers and 80 cargo types
  • 67 berths with a length of 13.7 km and over 800 transshipment machinery pieces
  • 8,000 employees on the payroll
Turnover Structure (excluding grains), mln tonnes:

In September 2018, Transneft Group secured control over NCSP as a result of stock acquisition. Operating results of NCSP and its subsidiaries have been included in the consolidated data of the Group since the end of Q3 2018. Prior to the acquisition date, the share of Transneft Group in the profit of NCSP Group was included in the Share in the Profit of Subsidiaries and Jointly Run Companies indicator. In Q2 2019, the Group sold its subsidiary Novorossiysk Grain Terminal, which transships grains and oilseed crops.

On 31 December 2019, the Board of Directors of NCSP approved the Development Strategy of NCSP Group for the Period up to 2024, which had been reviewed by the management bodies of Transneft.

Key indicators, RUB bn 2018NCSP Segment indicators for 2018 are presented for the period from the end of Q3 2018 since the acquisition of the controlling stake by Transneft Group NCSP Segment includes NCSP and its subsidiaries and is set apart for analytical purposes in addition to the segment information presented in the IFRS financial results. 2019
NCSP Segment Transneft Group Share of NCSP Segment NCSP Segment Transneft Group Share of NCSP Segment
Revenue 15.9 980.0 1.6% 56.1 1,063.8 5.3%
EBITDA 10.2 433.4 2.4% 40.0 486.3 8.2%
Profit due to be distributed among shareholders of Transneft 1.6 224.3 0.7% 23.9 179.4 13.3%
Free cash flow 5.0 78.2 6.4% 18.5 93.0 19.9%
Total debt by the end of the year 69.7 673.0 10.4% 49.9 637.4 7.8%
NCSP Group