4.2. The Transneft Strategy

The Transneft Strategy was approved by the Board of Directors of Transneft on 19 November 2014 (Minutes No. 23).

The goal of the Strategy is to satisfy oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation demand of oil producing and refining companies on the domestic and foreign markets through efficient operation, development and upgrade of the Russian trunk pipeline transport system, based on:
  • application of equipment manufactured in Russia;
  • application of state-of-the-art sectoral technologies that ensure a high level of reliability, as well as industrial and environmental safety;
  • ensuring that revenues from oil and petroleum products transportation are sufficient to implement the programme for development, technical upgrading and revamping of trunk pipeline facilities.
The Strategy provides for:
  • ensuring systematic development of the trunk pipeline system;
  • ensuring reception and transportation of petroleum products from newly connected refineries;
  • reducing accident rate at trunk pipelines;
  • excluding discharge of insufficiently treated wastewater;
  • keeping the sulfur contents in the crude oil pumped via the Transneft system within the limits set in the rational routing scheme;
  • reducing expenses related to pipeline construction and operation; maintaining the optimum expenditure level;
  • decreasing the purchase volumes of imported products

The next adjustment of the Strategy is planned in 2020.