Interaction with Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Authorities of the Russian Federation, Government Authorities of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation and Local Authorities

In order to increase the efficiency of the tasks being solved in the reporting period, interaction with federal legislative and executive authorities, government authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, scientific organisations and economic entities was strengthened. As part of the Agreement on Interaction between Transneft and LUKOIL Security Units dated 6 December 2018, the Plan for Organisation of Interaction on Issues of General and Anti-Terror Security of Fuel and Energy Sector Facilities between Transneft and LUKOIL was prepared.

In the reporting period, employees of the Company’s Security Department participated in 39 interagency meetings with representatives of federal executive authorities – the MOI of Russia, the FSB of Russia, the Federal National Guard Service, their local offices, executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipal authorities – on security issues, anti-terror protection and counteracting security incidents at the Company’s FES facilities.

With security units of Transneft subsidiaries and Transneft Security Services involved, 2,061 security events were held at facilities and the line, 1,253 companies were checked, including 731 companies related to oil and petroleum products turnover. 148 security incidents involving Transneft subsidiaries’ property were detected, including 67 ILTs in pipelines. Criminal proceedings were initiated in 56 cases of theft from pipelines, 19 suspects and 7 vehicles were detained. The work was carried out as part of the set of measures taken in the period from May to August 2019 by local bodies of the MOI of Russia; the measures were aimed at preventing ILTs into pipelines, suppressing the production and sale of counterfeit petroleum products and fuels that do not meet the Requirements for Motor and Aviation Petrols, Diesel and Marine Fuels, Jet Fuel and Heating Oil, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 118 dated 27 February 2008.