Stock Exchange Information on Trading the Company’s Shares

Preferred shares of the Company are included in the Level One listing of the Moscow Exchange, they are among the key indexes of the Exchange and make a component of the MSCI Russia (Morgan Stanley Capital International) index.

On 16 April 2020, the Moscow Exchange revised the free float factor of Transneft preferred shares and set it at the 37% mark (previously 32%). The upgraded free float factor will apply in the MOEX indices calculation from 19 June 2020, the date of the regular index constituents rebalance.

General information on the preferred shares of Transneft
Share category Preferred registered book-entry share
Par Value RUB 1
Moscow Exchange ticker symbol TRNFP
ISIN code RU0009091573
Bloomberg Code TRNFP RX
Weight of Transneft’s preferred shares in the stock indexes of the Moscow Exchange, as of 31 December 2019
Index name Weight, %
Broad Market Index 0.60
Moscow Exchange Index 0.75
Oil & Gas sectoral index 5.64
Trading results for preferred shares of the Company
Period 2016 2017 2018 2019
Trading volume (RUB billion) 103.9 131.7 62.5 62.0
Minimum price, RUB 132,600 156,000 142,500 146,000
Maximum price, RUB 235,700 222,500 185,000 179,850
Year-end price, RUB 197,950 179,900 163,450 176,700
Market capitalisation of preferred shares, RUB billion
Market capitalisation of preferred shares, RUB billion