Shareholder and Investor Relations

The Company seeks most efficient interaction with the shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, ensuring regular, prompt, accessible, complete and unbiased disclosure of information, with emphasis on concurrently providing material information to stakeholders.

The Company mandatorily discloses information on its activities:

In accordance with the Regulations on the Information Policy, the Company implements a number of activities for voluntary disclosure of information, including:

  • publishing (placing) information on the Company’s website;
  • Managing corporate social media accounts (Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Viber);
  • disclosing information during direct interaction of the Company with shareholders, investors, mass media and other stakeholders;
  • Issuing corporate publications (the Oil Pipeline Transportation magazine, the Science & Technologies: Oil and Oil Products Pipeline Transportation scientific journal);
  • providing comments (both written and oral) to questions asked by mass media, securities’ market professionals and other stakeholders;
  • preparing and disclosing the Company’s Sustainable Development Report compiled in accordance with international GRI standards.

In August 2019, dividends for 2018 were paid out to the Company’s shareholders.

During the year, work with shareholders was carried out regarding changes in the information of their personal accounts, payment of dividends and registration of inheritance rights (~ 30 applications in 2019); In March 2019, the fact of escheat transferral (one preferred share of the Company) into the ownership of the Russian Federation (the Federal Agency for State Property Management) on the basis of the judicial decision on refusal to the shareholder’s heir to restore their inheritance acceptance period was recorded.